Our Work is Drawing Out the Best of Who You Are

For 50 years Speakeasy has worked with thousands of executives and teams from startups to Fortune 500 companies developing their communication impact. The unifying philosophy that underpins everything we have done – and continue to do – is our belief that everything an individual needs to be a great communicator already exists within them. 


In the end, it’s your success that counts. And we’ve been helping the
most powerful business leaders on the planet achieve just that for almost half a century.

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kim rosenblum testimonial
Great communication takes more than knowing the result you want for yourself. When you also focus on your listeners – and their needs – you connect in a way that makes things happen. You create an energy that helps everyone move forward together.
Kim Rosenblum / Executive Vice President, Head of Marketing & Chief Creative Officer at Viacom
Ron Ricci pic
Each one of us has the ability to touch and influence others, yet no two of us can do it in the same way. Connecting as a communicator isn’t about trying to become someone else – it’s about reaching inside yourself and bringing out the best of what is uniquely you.
Ron Ricci / Corporate Vice President / Customer Experience Service, Cisco
frank gori testimonial
To remain competitive in a global economy driven by human, as well as intellectual capital, it’s critical that leaders at all levels develop the ability to connect with and motivate others — and that they commit to developing that ability in those they lead.
Frank Gori / Senior Partner, Ernst & Young
tahira hassan testimonial
To communicate in a way that makes things happen, you must shift your focus from your concerns to the concerns of your listeners. By seeing the situation and yourself through their eyes, you’ll find a link that will move everyone together.
Tahira Hassan / Deputy of Operations, Nestle
Lynne pic
Leadership is the end-game in all communication. And authenticity is the key. To be able to see another person, to connect, to motivate, and inspire is the base-line for every leader we develop. And it isn’t easy. It takes work to develop that kind of power, but the payoff is huge.
Lynne Segall / Associate Dean / Goizueta IMPACT, Emory University