In 1973, when Sandy Linver founded Speakeasy in Atlanta, she focused attention on the importance of effective leadership communication in business.   The concept quickly caught the attention of several large companies, including the Coca-Cola Company.  After her first book, Speakeasy, was published in 1979, national press followed, establishing her internationally as a communication expert.  In the next decade, she published three additional books; Speak and Get Results, The Leader’s Edge and Good Enough Isn’t.


Sandy’s approach emphasizes the communication behaviors that create “connection” between speaker and listener…initially focusing on delivery and soon after including strategy and content messaging.  It accentuates the need for the individual to be willing to develop greater awareness of themselves and their listener, in order to close intellectual and/or emotional gaps that may exist.


Sandy sold Speakeasy in 2004 to Scott Weiss, her EVP who she had worked with for ten years.  He is now the company’s CEO.  Sandy continued coaching senior executives until 2017.  She is now retired and splits her time with her husband Buddy between their homes in Atlanta and Tuscany.


Fifty years later, her unique process continues to make a global impact on thousands of executives every year.