Reality Check from a Millennial Intern


Reality Check from a Millennial Intern

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By Anthony X. Escamilla

I have to tell you, finding an internship isn’t easy. Nor is finding one that is truly open towards taking advantage of your true potential.


The Fitting Room

To date, I have been grateful to be surrounded by some driven and intelligent millennial minds at the University at Albany who have been making an impact in our community. However, one of our biggest concerns is starting back at the bottom of the totem poll once the successes of our college careers hit the archive files. Remember your freshman year in high school when maths methods tutor is always been there to help? Yeah, me too. That reality check is sometimes scary. The thought of “real life” is scary. Heck, the thought of not having any cell service for more than an hour is terrifying. (Millennial generation struggles.) But you know what really goes through our millennial minds before we throw our hats up in bittersweet relief? We’re hoping to find an environment that sees and understands the value and potential that we have to offer this world. Well, I know my mother sees that, but I think the time has come when she can’t be my only PR manager – I need to find my own way. Seriously though, I have seen so many instances where individuals are eaten alive after receiving that degree. Stepping foot into a world where increasing the brand reputation and productivity levels are a must and your feelings, a far second. “Its a tough world” they tell me and “Sally Mae is the pushy type.”


I have been through my fair share of internships and so far Speakeasy stands alone as the best career building experience move I have ever had the opportunity to be a part of. The people here at Speakeasy understand the importance of human connection and how – when done authentically, with the individual in mind – the magic begins to happen. So let me break it to you this way, Speakeasy GETS IT! They are more than just a communication development company that promises to build professionals into strong competent communicators. They focus first on the individual, their feelings, their values, experiences and their strengths and weaknesses. The instructors here genuinely WANT to take in what you have to say, to build that trust and learn about the authentic you. Here at Speakeasy we believe everything we do, say, or feel affects not just us, but one another… it all connects someway, somehow. My point is, Speakeasy isn’t run solely with the end in mind – they know results will come when each employee in their company is authentic and true to themselves. Speakeasy believes THAT is the most powerful way a company’s brand reputation and productivity levels rise… when you find the voice within.

Giving Back

I have only been here for a short period of time and have contributed to this company more than I expected to at this stage of my internship. (And I am not the one to set low expectations!) I truly believe it is because the people at Speakeasy wanted to know Anthony Escamilla’s authentic self. They welcomed me on my level and that made me excited to be here – genuinely wanting to contribute as best as I can. It’s like exposing all the weapons in your arsenal and screaming : “This is what I’ve got!… and here’s how I can help.” The Speakeasy way.


Everyone can find their place, but that journey begins first by looking within yourself. Knowing your worth is one thing. Finding someone who see’s the value in you is the other. It’s important to have those two elements aligned before putting your all into a company and immersing yourself in that culture. Hey, some of us know where the right fit is, for others we are still looking. It’s all a part of the journey, keep searching, never settle and you will find your way.

Do you remember your internship experiences? How was the journey towards finding the right fit?

Anthony Escamilla is a senior attending the University at Albany and is an Intern here at Speakeasy Inc.

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