Insights: Speakeasy Core Value – Being Authentic

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Insights: Speakeasy Core Value – Being Authentic

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Speakeasy Core Value Two: Being Authentic.

Becoming a powerful communicator doesn’t mean changing who you are – it means becoming MORE of who you are and developing your authentic self.

None of us want to feel we’re with someone who is faking it.  It’s that simple.  Really.  When we communicate with each other, what we want most of all is the truth… from someone comfortable enough with who they are, strong enough in their point of view, and open enough in their thinking to share that self with us. That is what being authentic is all about.

It’s universal – transcends any language or circumstance – and it never fails to breed confidence, authority, and trust… in others and in ourselves.  It’s essential to living a true and honest life.

What ways have you found to overcome the day-to-day traps that drive a less than authentic you?