Better Together : Powerful Communication Has No Gender


Better Together : Powerful Communication Has No Gender

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Ladies, have you ever found it difficult to speak more assertively or confidently? To the gentlemen—I pose the same question.  There is a general tendency to associate a lack of confidence and assertiveness with women; however, men often experience similar issues.  Effective communication is an integral part of success for all professionals.   There is no delineation of what is considered more effective regarding female versus male communication. Ask yourself, why is it beneficial to exhibit a confident presence and to communicate assertively, regardless of gender?

Let’s consider perspective, which can be viewed (pun intended) from 2 different angles—internally and externally.  One’s internal perspective greatly influences how he/she comes across to others.  Trusting and believing in one’s capabilities internally equates to confidence or self-assurance that is evident to others. On the flipside, doubt or uncertainty could be perceived as passivity, timidity or hesitancy to your audience.  Leveraging aptitude with, what I believe is even more heavily weighed, attitude (perspective), determines your altitude.

Attitude is expressed and displayed in one’s behavior and communication which originates from within—thoughts, emotions, feelings—and is typically perceived in one way or another.  Here is where human connection and working together effectively and efficiently comes back into play.  Self-awareness in relation to others is critical.  How likely are you to be entrusted with a task or responsibility if you don’t first trust yourself? And even more so, how likely are colleagues to listen to, understand, or consider your ideas and opinions if they aren’t expressed in a confident manner?  A confident, assertive attitude and presence integrated with your personal strengths can be a springboard for innovation, fortitude, and perseverance.

So yes, exhibiting a confident presence and communicating more assertively is beneficial for both women and men, because you have a voice and what you say matters.