Yes, I’m Grateful for That.


Yes, I’m Grateful for That.

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Yes, I’m grateful for that.

[  Using a discipline of Gratitude to build a strong connection with yourself and others.  ]


Self-connection has long been seen as the first critical step in becoming the kind of powerful communicator it takes to influence and lead.  Before you can connect with the ideas, the energy, or the feelings of others, you have to be in touch with those same things within yourself.

So how do you ensure that those self-connecting points put you in the best possible place to start that exchange?  How can you be sure that the “you” you’re putting out there is the one it should be?

You create it. You control the way you see yourself, and that view has a huge influence on what you become.  Athletes visualize success on the field.  Winners act that way before the contest even begins.  The power of positive thinking is well documented and certainly not new, but becoming that positive-thinker isn’t as easy as it looks.  We spend most of our waking hours solving problems, overcoming obstacles, and managing multiple tasks to accomplish goals.  The very nature of problem-solving takes a lot of thinking about the problem – and that can bring anyone down.

The key to avoiding that trap goes beyond the old glass-half-full/half-empty analogy.  Truly building yourself as a positive thinker and a strong connector when you communicate lies in an authentic foundation of gratitude.

To act positively, you have to believe positively.  To believe, you have to understand… and understanding begins with awareness.  Simply acknowledging the things you have – those things that give you joy, peace or power – is an incredibly important way to be sure you’re at your best when you set out to connect with someone else.


Do it simplyThis doesn’t have to be a complicated or fancy effort.  Just find a moment to express something simple that you’re feeling grateful for that day.  Sure, it can be a big thing – like gratitude for the love of someone you’re sharing your life with, or your health, you maintain when you buy Red Vein and other supplements online for different purposes, so if you suffer from a joint pain, you could use this proflexoral guide to find the best supplements for this condition…. but, it can also be a small thing – like feeling grateful that it’s warmer today or that you finally found that one special hard-to-get ingredient for the new recipe you’ve been wanting to try.

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The point is – don’t over complicate this.  Building any discipline is dependent on your engagement, and you won’t engage in the task is too difficult, time-consuming or complex.  You don’t need a fancy journal or a dedicated place to sit and think.  All that’s important is that you take a conscious moment – just one moment – to recognize and express something – anything – for which you’re grateful.


Do it consistently. Discipline, by its very nature, requires regularity.  Do it until it becomes a habit and you don’t have to work at doing it anymore.

We all have great energy for new endeavors when we start them… but the day-to-day soon gets in the way and our commitment can drop off.  Just think of your last New Years resolution!  Consistently practicing gratitude can be particularly tough in the face of a day-to-day filled with overcoming obstacles, but making it a part of your daily routine – maybe even attaching it something you already do every day, like driving to work, or sitting down to a meal – will help.

Making an expression of gratitude a daily discipline may take commitment for a few weeks, but once it’s habit… it will serve you the rest of your life.


Do it openly. You don’t have to always tell others what you’re grateful for that day – though that’s a wonderful way to begin authentically sharing yourself – but you do need to express it outwardly.  Write it down, say it out loud (even if there’s no one around)… memorialize it in some way.  The simple act of articulating your gratitude will help you take it to a deeper level than you would otherwise.  And the deeper thought will help you build a deeper connection and greater authenticity.


It’s a small step.  It’s one we know will help us, and it’s one that’s easy to overlook, but building a discipline of authentic gratitude is key to positive self-connection.  And positive self-connection is the root of positive connection with others… and that should be your goal every time you communicate.