Speaking of Work Ethic…

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Speaking of Work Ethic…

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In the end communication is just a tool.  But it’s one you can’t do without.

It’s how you inform, express, motivate, change behavior, move markets and make things happen in your world.  To be successful – at literally anything – you must be able to communicate and connect with other human beings.  The bottom line is powerful communication is critical to your success and you should be working as hard on it as any other aspect of yourself or your business.

It isn’t easy to get it right.  Think of it like you do your health.  You can get by for a while on tips and tricks – fad diets, supplements, and a seldom-used gym membership – but in the long run, it’s getting serious about what you put in and what you put out that will keep you healthy and happy.

What you put in.

All powerful connections – the stuff that actually gets you results – begins with your own deep thought about what you’re trying to accomplish when you communicate.  Take the time and spend the energy to really think strategically about what you’re trying to achieve… why that’s important to you… and why it might be important to others.

Do whatever it takes to build belief in your own ideas.  Then open yourself to the ideas of others and adjust where it feels right.  Consider the issue thoroughly and then consider what you need to communicate to get someone else to act on your ideas.  What exists in their world that might make it tough to do the action you’re looking for? What exists in their world that you might be able to tap into to add positive energy to the change?

Now pull those two things together in a powerful message that anchors your entire communication.  Really think about what you’re putting in that communication and how it might hit those you hope to change.

What you put out.

When it comes to delivery the responsibility to connect is yours – not your listeners.  Can you be authoritative without being aggressive? Can you expect them to give a damn if you don’t look and sound like you do?  Do they feel you’re talking to them or at them?  Every one of the key qualities we look for when others are talking is a two-way exchange initiated by the speaker… and authenticity is the key.

Developing the confidence to put yourself out there – in a powerful way – won’t happen overnight.  It takes deliberate work to connect deeply enough with yourself to find your voice.  And, it will take practice and persistence to build the energy to deliver it.  Communication is work and just like any other developmental drive – the work ethic to undertake the journey is what really matters.

Remember the first time a coach told you “you’ll only get out of this what you put in!”  Listen to him or her again.  When you work for yourself and for your listeners every time you communicate – and when you’ve really worked on what you’ve put in to that communication – things happen.

Communication may be just a tool, but it’s definitely one you can’t do without.