Why you do it

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Why you do it

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You do it because it’s the right thing.  Not because it’s easier, or cheaper, or faster.

You do it because it makes you feel great.  More powerful than anything else you can do.

And, you do it because… it’s worth it.

No matter how good you are at everything else in your suite of professional pursuits: your knowledge capital, your
network, your process expertise, your time management or critical thinking skills – communication remains the last critical link between you – your thoughts, your ideas, your passion – and actually making something happen in this

How you reach out across space – real or virtual – and actually “connect” with another human being through real and

authentic communication will either drive your agenda to a successful end – or stop it cold.  And developing that
ability takes work – hard work.

No tips or tricks here.  Changing who you are is easy.  Becoming more of who you are – the key to authentic power as
a communicator – isn’t.

Getting that clear view of how you impact others when you communicate, deciding what you do or don’t like about that
picture, and working to actually “own” the change you want to make in yourself is a process – a journey.  It
requires honesty and openness – and eventually the confidence to turn your focus from yourself to others.
Start that journey now and you’ll see results immediately.  Begin it now and it will serve you the rest of your

Do it because it’s right, because it feels powerful and… because it works!