What Do You Feel?

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What Do You Feel?

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I don’t care what you think… what do you feel?


Typically, if we actually think through what we’d like to say before we say it, we do it within the safe confines of paper and pen… or keyboard and screen.  And then, when we tell that story… we try hard to come out from behind that shelter and really gift our words to somebody else.   We’re often in one mind-set when we work on “What we say”… and another when working on “How we say it.”If we can place ourselves in that position of giving… of ourselves… before we deliver – while we’re crafting the “what” we will say – and then deliver that authentically through… the results can be amazing.

Often that means going beyond what you “think” to what you believe… and what you “feel.”  When your content comes from the core, your communication moves beyond a simple set of words or a memorized script, you speak as your true self.  You own what you say… and people begin to listen.

Sure, they want to hear a solution to their problem.  They want the details and they want the data that supports all that.  But what they want most – is you. They want your authority… they want energy, your passion… they want your beliefs.  In the 1960s when Martin Luther King spoke to a couple hundred thousand people on The Mall during the march on Washington, he said “I have a dream”… not “I have a plan.”

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