The Power of Human Connection


The Power of Human Connection

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While on a recent vacation,  I observed an interesting phenomenon occurring within a few different families.  We were dining at our favorite restaurant enjoying the wonderful seafood, captivating view, and companionship.  As I sat back to take it all in, I noticed two tables across from us in stark contrast.

One table was a family very engaged with one another…talking, laughing and really connecting with each other in a personal way.   The second table, with the same number of people, were all very quiet, most of them with an electronic device in their hand.   Mom and Dad were each engaged with their phone darting their eyes up occasionally to take a bite or make a quick comment.  The teenager never looked up from hers, the young boy had an electronic toy to keep his attention, and the grandparents looked quite lonely trying hard to make conversation.   The second family were so engaged in connecting with their electronic devices, they were totally missing the opportunity for the human bonding of a special family event.

My wish … as we approach this Holiday season and the chance to see people we don’t frequently see… please don’t ever forget the power of HUMAN connection.   An electronic device doesn’t convey the passion in your voice, the warmth in your touch, or even at times the pain and sorrow in your eyes.   The human connection is powerful…it’s real, it’s undeniable, it’s in the moment…and it can begin right now, with you.