Insights: Stop Talking

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Insights: Stop Talking

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Sshh, Sshh…

Stop the talking. Stop the beeping, the phone, the pinging, the music, and the TV.  When was the last time you can remember just being in the quiet… absolute silence?  Our world today is so full of constant sound and stimulation that we have little opportunity to listen – really listen – to ourselves.  And, it is only by listening; that we begin to know who we are and what we want in our lives when we stop talking.  We have become so accustomed to that constant stimulation that many of us have no idea what the quiet can do for us.

Think back to last time you actually turned off your cell phone, the radio, and the TV for a whole day… or even for a few hours.  Is that even possible for you?  What would you do?  My guess is that you would be more keenly aware of, and connected to, your own reactions.  The quiet is where we can best access ourselves.  It gives us the only space to hear our own thoughts and feelings and it is the best way to open-up, to get in touch, and to think through important issues and problems.  Silence helps us put things in perspective and forge a direction that truly represents what we need and want.

While our electronics and fast paced lives have many advantages, they can rob us of the essentials – observation, relaxation, self-reflection and a true sense of self.  So turn off, tune out and find yourself for a few hours. Do it regularly… once week, or even once a day. You will feel a greater sense of peace and you’ll see the beauty both of who you really are… who you want to be.

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