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An interactive help area for past and current Speakeasy clients. It includes Insights: Reflections and Thoughts from our Global Experts, as well as a range of tools and programs designed to help you continue your journey toward more powerful communication. Currently available help options include…


CPE Accreditation

Atlanta : Thursday July 25 from 5-6:30pm

New York: TBD

San Francisco: TBD


This is a great opportunity to practice your communication delivery skills.  You should plan to speak for about 2 minutes on any topic of your choosing.  You will be videotaped and receive feedback from a Speakeasy instructor and the other participants in the class.


Please let me know if you would like to reserve a space.  Participation is limited to 8 individuals per a session.  Once I receive an email that you would like to participate, a confirmation and further details will be sent.


You can register for any of these free programs by calling:

404.541.4800 for Atlanta programs
212.221.8770 for New York programs
415.434.2682 for San Francisco programs

+31207231770 for Amsterdam programs

or e-mail us at EncoreRegistration@SpeakeasyInc.com.

The Conference Connection

Free, regularly scheduled, conference calls with our instructors and other participants… covering a full range of communication style issues.

Next Scheduled Conference Connection Calls:                        TBD








Please call or email if you’re interested in being on the contact list for the next call. 

You can register for this free conference by calling 404.541.4800 or e-mailing us at ConferenceConnect@SpeakeasyInc.com.

Speakeasy Communication Planner® Coaching

If you participated in one of our Content Impact Programs like Plan for Results or Plan Presentations that Work, you may have received or worked with an electronic Word-based template that helps you apply our proprietary content planning process to any communication situation.

For help with your planner you can mail your completed document to: planner@speakeasyinc.com

If you no longer have a copy, you can request them here:

Breathe For Results

If you participated in one of our Style Programs like Talk So People Listen or Communicate to Drive Results, you worked on breathing to help you stay physically centered and focused before you deliver an important communication.

To make it easier for you to use anytime you need them, our breathing techniques are available in downloadable in MP3 format.

Save these files to your desktop, tablet or smartphone as you would any of the music or books you listen to now. You’ll be able to access the tool anytime and anywhere you need that boost of focus and confidence right before you speak.

White Papers

Your Journey never ends…

Becoming a powerful communicator isn’t a one-off event. It may start with the kind of self-connection you experience at Speakeasy, but your learning should never end. We’re proud to offer a selection of recent whitepapers from our experts… addressing the kind of communication issues critical to your growth and to your success.  Click on any of the covers below to request your copy of that publication via eMail…

     Conference Calls          Handing Q&A with authority     Navigating Conflict          Make Impromptu Communication a Success     Communication Growing Communication Liability     Great Communicators Build Trust