Speakeasy Core Value Three – Growth through exploration.


Speakeasy Core Value Three – Growth through exploration.

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Speakeasy Core Value Three: Growth through exploration.

You want to grow. You really DO want to be MORE –  of a thinker, a communicator… a person.  You want it for your business, your family… yourself.

So what’s holding you back?  More often than not, it’s fear of failure.  Too much focus on the destination and not enough on the journey.

Albert Einstein told us that anyone who never failed never tried anything new.  He was right.  It takes courage,  it takes confidence, and it takes the belief that you are more than you know… and that if you get in touch with those new resources just once, you likely won’t settle for less again.

Trying something new… with the stated goal of exploring yourself and your abilities – NOT getting it “right” –  is the only way to break old limits, find new strengths… and grow.  And if we’re not growing, we’re dying.

What can you do – tomorrow to focus more on the journey of exploration and growth, and less on the destination of perfection?