So it’s summer…

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So it’s summer…

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Finally.  It’s summer!

Longer days!  No more freezing temperatures!  Sunshine, vacations, outdoor dining… and maybe a little more time to enjoy your life!  Release….!

So what are you going to do?  Finish up last summer’s reading list?  Lose a little more so that bathing suit looks even better than before?  Maybe spend more time in the garden, visit website and redesign the whole garden… or enjoy a little more baseball and beer?

Whatever the activity – make it count!  This is your chance… go ahead and fill some of summer’s extra time with solid steps toward being more of who you really are.

Becoming more powerful – as a communicator or anything else – doesn’t mean changing who you are, it means becoming more of who you are… and being willing to bring that to the world.  Summer is a great time to start that journey, and all you have to do to start the ball rolling is commit to that first step – connecting with yourself.

You hold a wealth of thought, emotion and experience within you – the core of everything that makes you unique.  Tapping into that part of you will awaken your awareness and unleash your courage.  And it will begin to build a bridge from where you are, to where you want to be.

Take a good look at the way the world sees you – what you like about that picture, and what you’d like to change?  Don’t be afraid… be you.  And begin working to be more of you than you’ve ever been.

So enjoy the friends, the outings, and the weather, but start something special this summer.  Release more than just that pent-up winter energy.  Release the real you.  And start by finding out who that really is.

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