Public Speaking Seminars? Don’t Waste Your Time

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Public Speaking Seminars? Don’t Waste Your Time

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How many public speaking gurus have you heard about? Probably a lot.

How many classes are there that promise to make you the world’s best public speaker? A ton.

With so many resources and organizations available, you’d still be hard-pressed to find a single one that actually delivers on those promises. But what if being a public speaker isn’t the goal?

Sure, picturing yourself delivering an award-winning speech or becoming the next great TED Talk sensation garnering millions of views on YouTube is attractive. But if you’re like the millions of other people in the world, your goal is simply to communicate in a more powerful way at the office or with your friends.

A lot of our clients have that same desire; they simply want to become a more powerful communicator. They aren’t focused on delivering a keynote speech at their alma mater. They want to lead their next team huddle with confidence. They want to conduct their conference calls with fewer filler words. They want to display more energy when leading town hall discussions.

Many of the typical public speaking classes you find fill you with tips and tricks that they feel will help you with overcoming your stage fright. Or worse, they deliver a one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter session that may or may not apply to you or your personal needs. Much like a rare breeze on a hot summer day, it feels good for the moment but certainly doesn’t last.

What Public Speaking Seminars Offer:

  • Find an object in the back of the room and stare at it
  • You don’t have to make eye contact, just gaze at the top of the audiences’ head
  • Find three friendly faces and only focus on them
  • Walking is too much of a distraction and shouldn’t be done
  • Memorize your speech to avoid missing any parts

At Speakeasy, Our Approach is Different:

  • We create an individualized approach based on your current reality and your big-picture goal
  • We don’t believe in tips and tricks… we believe in behavioral change
  • Each program is a journey, an experience. One that fosters personal growth and development
  • We focus on enhancing external qualities and internal behaviors to create a more organic communicator
  • We place the value of authenticity above everything else

Knowing what you want or need is up to you, but if the goal is not changing who you are, but becoming more of who you are, look beyond the public speaking seminars and own the change you want to make.

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