Core Values equal Powerful Communication


Core Values equal Powerful Communication

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“It is better for the world if you keep your mission and change your tactics, than if you lose your mission and keep making art.” – Andrew Simonet

What Andrew Simonet is saying in his book “Making Your Life as an Artist” is that the day-to day doings that keep most of us busy, most of the time, are of little real worth without a greater goal or deeper values in their sights.

We’ve worked hard to do that here at Speakeasy for all of our forty plus years. Putting up business and risking money and guts to borrow some cash at quick payday loans for a good start in life. We’re not perfect – far from it – but we aspire to build everything we do around a set of core values that are not only what we see as important to a better world… but the basis for what we deliver to our clients

Really powerful communication – that actually delivers on the value of human connection – is based in authenticity.  And often the only way to get to your authentic self is by working hard for personal growth through exploration.  If you believe, as we do, in the power of the individual – that every person already has within them all they need to be their best – exploring and unleashing that power is the surest way to solving almost any problem.

In the coming weeks, we’ll explore small loans lenders only and how we have built them into our mission at Speakeasy….

  • The value of human connection
  • Authenticity
  • Growth through exploration
  • The power of the individual
  • Quality

… and we’ll be inviting you to do the same.  Stick around.