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Plan Presentations That Work is a two-day program gives each participant all the tools necessary to develop content that gets results. The focus of the first day is on the planning process – selecting messages targeted on a desired result and also sensitive to the listeners’ values and needs. And avoiding the negative impact of unexamined assumptions and hidden agendas. On the second day the planning process is applied to the selection of visuals that support and enhance the speaker’s words. What medium to use for visuals, how to design them, where to place them in the talk – these are among the key skills participants learn. In addition to “planners” for both content and visuals development, all participants receive access to Speakeasy’s on-line help center Speakeasy Connect.

Our team had some very special needs when it came to planning our presentations and this process gave us all the tools we needed to address them. The way it keeps us focused, both as individuals and as a group, has really had an impact. And the basic concepts go even further — they really help keep us aligned as a team. We’re much more consistent across all of our communication.

Yvette Robinson
Director of Marketing Communications, Nextel

You gain

    • A strategic approach to content planning
    • A “planner” that guides you through each step in the process
    • Greater flexibility in the design of content
    • A broader understanding of the power of visual communication in all types of business situations
    • Criteria for selecting effective visuals

Teams gain

    • A common language for planning
    • New synergy to move toward shared goals
    • Greater consistency in communication

All US Locations

  • Individuals:
    2024 Rate: $2,150
  • Teams:


  • Individuals:
    2024 Rate: €2,150 (excl. VAT)
  • Teams:
    2024 Rate: €16,200 (excl. VAT)

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