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Plan For Results is a one-day program. This program is for those executives who need powerful communication to accomplish their business goals, but who do not design their own visual support. They are introduced to a new way of thinking about the content of their communication ­ how to select messages targeted on a desired result and yet also sensitive to the listeners’ values and needs. And how to avoid the negative impact of unexamined assumptions and hidden agendas. Participants also have the opportunity to apply the process to a presentation of their own and receive feedback on it. In addition to the “planner,” all participants receive access to Speakeasy’s on-line help center Speakeasy Connect.

Time is a precious commodity at our firm and this planning process is certainly making communication more efficient. But, beyond that, it’s making us more effective — more focused and results oriented in all forms of communication. It’s providing a framework for our professionals to work together and is fostering better teamwork. Effective communication, both internally and externally, is a key to corporate success, and this program is definitely positioning us to excel.

Brent Uken
Partner, Ernst & Young LLP

You gain

    • A strategic approach to content planning
    • A “planner” that guides you through each step in the process
    • Greater flexibility in the design of listener-focused content

Teams gain

    • A common language for planning
    • Listener/customer focus
    • New synergy to move toward shared goals
    • Listener/customer focus
    • Greater consistency in communication

All US Locations

  • Teams:
    All US locations = $8,100.


  • Teams:
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