New Year, New Opportunity…

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New Year, New Opportunity…

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Most of the time opportunity is something you create, not something you wait for.  But on those occasions when it does knock… you’d better be prepared…

•    Be prepared to recognize it.  Opportunity likes to disguise itself as something else.
•    Be prepared to act.  Opportunity moves quickly and often requires you to be very nimble.
•    Be prepared to toil.  Opportunity usually demands more work, not less.
•    Be prepared to endure.  Opportunity regularly delays its reward.
•    Be prepared to change.  Opportunity, once taken, means you’ll likely never be the same again.
•    Be prepared to succeed.  Opportunity, fully taken, can mean success… a powerful drink requiring awareness, humility,and sharing to enjoy.

Recognition… quick action… work, patience… that’s a lot!

So… why not just “wing it?”

Because – unlike the actor with a coach feeding them lines from the “wings” – you can’t fake your way through opportunity.  The most important person you have to depend on when it comes around is yourself.

Build your awareness now… be ready to act… to work, and to change.  Here comes opportunity and nothing… nothing… beats the feeling of being prepared.