It is Never Too Early to Invest in Yourself

Its Never too early to invest in yourself

It is Never Too Early to Invest in Yourself

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Written by Meagan Perry

Today’s hiring environment is incredibly competitive. People have more resources now than ever when it comes to skill building and job sourcing, and no one is more aware of this than the young professionals currently entering the job market. Therefore, it is never too early to consider professional development! Pursuing professional development, such as skill-building classes and certification training, can help job seekers of all ages and experiences boost their resume or CV. While many may consider these courses for only more experienced professionals looking to move up the corporate ladder or address feedback from performance reviews, these services can help new professionals jump-start their careers with extra confidence and experience.

With nearly 50 years of experience developing executives at all career levels, Speakeasy is aware of the benefits of professional development for young professionals. That is why we have learning experiences specifically tailored to those new to the workforce.

Young professionals looking for an immersive development experience should consider Take the First Step. This one-day program is offered at one of our Speakeasy offices and is designed to fill your communication toolbox with the skills you need to become a more confident and effective communicator. This is especially helpful for new hires or job seekers nervous about presenting themselves in a professional environment for the first time.

For young professionals seeking internships or entry-level jobs, Speakeasy offers First Impressions Count, a digital learning experience they can pursue at their own pace. First Impressions Count, a series of brief yet impactful microlearning videos, focuses on the communication skills necessary for success in the professional world and is a perfect foundation for an early career professional to begin the communication development journey. The videos that make up this course are highly informative but concise so as not to be too overwhelming. This makes them perfect for viewing in between classes, part-time jobs, and other responsibilities.

For employers looking to offer more from their intern programs, check out our enterprise options for First Impressions Count.