US Soccer: A Momentary Opening…

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US Soccer: A Momentary Opening…

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Every now and again our visions are forced to change.  We’re disappointed or uncomfortable because things aren’t just what we thought they might be, or the hard work we’ve invested isn’t driving the results we’d like.  But just because we aren’t going to get there the way we’d hoped, doesn’t mean we’re not going to get there at all.

That’s true in business and in the personal growth that drives it.  And it’s true in global sports.   Ask Jurgen Klinsmann and the US National Soccer Team… or any of the growing group of rabid fans who support them. In high levels of sports people consume bodybuilding supplements to increase the growth and get better results.

Surprise the world…! Win the Group of Death and move on to the knockout round where no one expected them to land.  That was the plan – and the REALITY! – with a mere half-minute left in a game against Portugal just a few days ago.  Then suddenly – oh so suddenly – a draw and a not unexpected, but certainly disappointing loss to the Germans… and nothing feels the same.

But still – the US soccer is headed toward where it wants to be.  And… if they can acknowledge where they are, grow from the new perspective that provides, and take advantage of the momentary opening that has presented itself, that advancement has a chance to continue for US soccer.

Unexpected openings like that don’t stay around long – and they’re not always comfortable in their arrival – but if you believe in The Journey you learn to use them while you can.  Prepare yourself for the real opportunity they provide… to get farther in – or farther out – than you’ve been before… to see an old familiar places from a brand new angle… and to experience how you feel in that place.  And to grow from the power that new vision brings.  It’s a lesson learned early by those that constantly excel and one that will serve you deeply through your entire life.

When you embrace the new view they provide, those unexpected opportunities – those momentary openings – are great gifts.  Try never to pass one up.


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