Making the Most of Every Connection

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Making the Most of Every Connection

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Connection: It is the ultimate goal of all communication.   When it occurs, things change, people unite, relationships bond, and commitment grows.

Business connection, personal connection – the two are often linked and each inevitably lead to the other.  It’s the individual behind the business success that makes it happen.  They are the ones that drive the result.  They are the ones that connect with someone else… to change, to motivate, or to move.  And, they do that with powerful communication — by connecting with themselves, and with others, to build trust and to lead.

So how do you build that kind of connection in a world where our communication is often reduced to Digi-bytes delivered from afar?  You accomplish it by making strategic decisions about how you will communicate and then commit to making the most of every opportunity.  Reflect on each opportunity, before it happens, and ask yourself what you hope to accomplish during the communication exchange. For example, is the communication more information focused or is it more about motivating your listener?

Texts and eMails are great for transferring information, but fall far short when dealing with much beyond that scope.  Content without the nuance of vocal energy, voice tone or body language leaves too much open for misinterpretation.

A phone call can get you closer – you communicate a lot about your commitment or beliefs through your voice.  You may still be separated from your listener by distance, but the simple sound of a human voice will bring you closer on emotion-based issues.

There is something about the proximity of face-to-face, breathing-the-same-air communication that goes beyond information or even emotion.  When we see and hear another individual, we connect more quickly and more deeply with their authenticity and energy… and that is the real key to motivation.

Email, phone, or the expense (usually in both time and money) of a live meeting is just the first critical decision if you’re going to really use communication to make things happen.  The second is how much of yourself you are going to bring to that interaction.

What’s your real point of view?  Have you worked to understand the other?  Are there shared beliefs that can help you build trust and ultimately lead?  That kind of exploration isn’t easy but it’s critical in whatever communication medium you choose.  It requires personal connection and growth but for those willing to work for it, they find success every time.  They grow and their business follows.

Make the right decision about the medium and then bring your best self to that moment.  Don’t settle for “good enough.”  Make a difference — not by changing who are, but by becoming more of who you are.  Leveraging that difference in every situation is the key to powerful communication.  It’s the key to your success.