Is Poor Communication Hindering Your Advancement?

poor commmunication

Is Poor Communication Hindering Your Advancement?

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As communication becomes the forefront of business success, poor communication skills can mean the difference between landing a new promotion, or hitting your professional glass ceiling. Organizations seek out professionals that can embody the organization’s principles and mission, as well as individuals that can effectively communicate with various audiences, at any given time.

According to Pew Research, the Millennial generation now constitutes the majority of the workforce.[1]  Over the next decade, workplace demographics are expected to change rapidly, as the technology-driven Generation Z’ers begin to enter the labor force – making the average workplace a melting pot of various generations. Now, more than ever, communication will become a significant component of professional and business success. Understanding how to tailor messages to an intended audience, and leveraging communication as a tool, will lead everyday business communication.

Ineffective communication is, and will continue to be, a personal liability, keeping you from your full potential. The effects of poor communication are more widespread, reaching far beyond just the individual and their interactions in the workplace. In fact, over $37 billion are lost each year due to employee misunderstandings and poor communication.[2] Even worse, 57% of business projects fail because of breakdowns in communication.[3]

Poor communication is most evident in:

  • Missed deadlines;
  • Misunderstood workplace expectations;
  • Information not being shared in a timely fashion;
  • Decreased workplace performance or low employee morale; and
  • Inaccurate information being used to make business decisions.

The business case for effective communication is compelling, leading organizations to selectively promote only strong and confident communicators to key decision-making roles. If you feel that your communication skills are holding you back from career advancement, then we have great news for you! Poor communication is not permanent – as long as you take action. With a commitment to improve, you can work to reverse the negative effects of ineffective communication, and fulfill your personal and professional potential.

Powerful communicators are not born, but, instead, are cultivated over time through training, practice, and real-world interactions. With the proper guidance and support, anyone can become an effective communicator.

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