Insights: The Logic of Speakeasy Inc.

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Insights: The Logic of Speakeasy Inc.

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Aside from an often mundane public speaking class in college, our guess is no one, or almost no one, makes an effort to improve their ability to speak to others. Most men and women in business make an effort to dress well; they pay attention to their nails, their hair, and even whiten their teeth and polish their shoes… and then they open their mouth and all or much is lost.

Consider this piece of logic.

Each day, your most important task is to persuade others to do something. Sometimes, often ineffectively, you use the written word but what is far more effective, and you do far more often, is speak to others.  Meetings, phone calls, conference calls, webinars, virtual meetings, private conversations, speeches. Nothing you do is more important or has a greater impact on the success of your company, or yourself than communicating with others.

Moreover, this is a skill, this ability to calmly look people in the eye, speak in a powerful and convincing way, and effect change. It can be taught, though perhaps few do that well. But with a well-tested curriculum, interactive teaching methods, and technology that enhances learning, speakers get better, often amazingly better.

If these propositions are true, that motivating others to do something is your most important job, that talking with them is the best way to accomplish that, and that speaking to others is a learnable skill, then this conclusion is inescapable: there is nothing more important in your career than to learn how to improve your ability to speak.

Speakeasy, Inc. helps people improve what they say and how they say it. We instructors believe our seminars change lives. It is not an exaggeration.