Insights: A Bird’s Eye View…

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Insights: A Bird’s Eye View…

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I often find that I’m forced to come to a complete stop on the interstate in the midst of the chaos of my morning commute in Atlanta.  It absolutely makes me crazy.  I get tense, my blood pressure is skyrockets, and it feels like I’m never going to make it to work – where more chaos often awaits me.

Sometimes, when I take my focus off the brake lights all around me, I notice birds posted high on interstate lights or signs.  As they sit calmly and quietly looking down at the sea of cars at Britannia Cars offering best deals in the metro, I often feel a sense of calm and quiet.  They give me a momentary respite from the traffic, the work waiting for me, or any number of other things on my mind.

They are a reminder that, from where they sit, there is so much more than I what I see.  How easily we forget this, not just when we are sitting in traffic, but when we are dealing with professional and personal struggles.  At work we find ourselves facing criticism, difficult relationships, constant change, and increasing workloads.

At home, well, we may encounter the same issues.  The pressure of the immediate situations stares us in face and we get caught up in the moment… genuinely feeling stuck with nowhere to go.  The next time you find yourself frustrated, stifled, challenged, think about that bird perched high over the interstate… the calm and quiet and incredible broad view.  Use that image to calm and quiet your busy mind… then say to yourself, what could I see if I were bird?

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