Scalable, self-administered, asynchronous learning programs delivered – and supported – across a world-class, interactive on-line platform designed specifically to make communication training and development a powerful business tool for you or your organization…anywhere… on any schedule.

With 50 years of global reach – delivering blended communication development solutions – in person, virtually and digitally, to the most respected companies in the world, and a highly credentialed full-time faculty… Speakeasy is the gold standard for experiential learning and business-critical communication training and development.

Our MessageQUEST process combines big-picture, strategic thinking with a step-by-step approach to content development.

SlideQUEST extends the strategic thinking skills of our MessageQUEST process to drive more efficient and powerful visual support.

Participants can not only learn the proven Speakeasy approach but can now also apply, practice, and receive feedback on it!

We provide you with a strategic approach to content planning, message development, and visual creation using our guided planner.

Speakeasy Digital users can move through the program at their own pace and on their own time, improving their learning experience.

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