Discovery & Becoming

“Becoming a powerful communicator doesn’t mean changing who you are, it means becoming more of who you are.”

How it Works

For 50 years at Speakeasy, we have gone beyond textbook technique, classroom lessons, and lectures. We provide you with the kind of real, experiential learning that is simply unattainable in capsulized, internal training programs or seminars. It’s an approach that not only drives true behavioral change but delivers a solid framework for you to continue your journey after our program ends.

Why it Works

The process of learning through experience and more specifically, learning through reflection on doing is how we develop the top business communicators in today’s world. Your experience with us delivers significant advantages in absorption, personal growth, and motivation… all essential to becoming a powerful and authentic communicator.

What You Get

Building strong relationships and influencing others through your communication begins by building a strong relationship with yourself. And that kind of personal growth doesn’t come from typical classroom learning. To move beyond awareness to actually “owning” the authentic “you” in your communication takes real exploration and real experiences that are at the core of Speakeasy’s methodology.