Executive Presentation Skill – “Meeting of the Minds or Not”


Executive Presentation Skill – “Meeting of the Minds or Not”

Reading Time: 2 minutes

by Scott Weiss

President & CEO of Speakeasy Communications and Author of the Best Selling book “DARE!”

 You know the drill…executive gets ready for a big client meeting 30 minutes before he steps into the conference room.  He attends the meeting with two colleagues and afterwards, they throw one accolade after another at him like he just gave the “Kings Speech!”  But in fact what really happened, is a disorganized rant that left the client less convinced than more convinced, and the relationship in jeopardy.  It’s the best kept secret in corporate America!  Millions of executives giving presentations every day under the distorted perception they are significantly better than they really are, and billions in deals falling through the cracks as a result!

There is a better way.

Executives who work hard to get into the mindset of their client, will have significantly more successful meetings and results with the added benefit of building trust in the process.  So how do you have a “meeting of the minds” with your clients?  It’s all in the “forensic preparation” conducted in advance of the meeting with this critical question driving the direction of the investigative work: “What’s really in the way of the client saying yes?”  Is it market conditions?  Is it budget constraints? Is it lack of understanding of the product or service?  Is it trust? Or could it possibly just be me?

Investing the time and energy to find the answers to these questions is not that complicated or that difficult.  Someone close to the client knows the answers, and it’s your job to get them.  The reward is the holy grail for meeting preparation.  The ability to develop a message strategy that resonates deeply with the mindset of the client in such a way, that you get their business.  Anything else that you communicate is just interference, annoyance, and unnecessary time consumption  which no one will tolerate.

Executive presentation skills are one of the highest value asset for driving revenue in any organization… teaching your members how to prepare for a meeting: executing the forensics to create a compelling message strategy, having a “meeting of the minds”, and ultimately getting the client to say “yes!”