DARE – Accepting the Challenge of Trusting Leadership Turns 3!

DARE 3rd Anniversary

DARE – Accepting the Challenge of Trusting Leadership Turns 3!

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Celebrating the third anniversary of the release of DARE has an interesting backdrop with the upcoming presidential election. The principles presented in DARE are more relevant today than ever before as leaders are continually faced with the responsibility to have more honest, transparent, and authentic communication to gain trust, and our votes!

Authenticity and honesty are at the forefront of the American consciousness with presidential candidates vying for the hearts and minds of voters. Readers of DARE, over the past three years have asserted that the book’s principles are thought-provoking and deserve to be showcased in universities, team building exercises, and corporate leadership development programs alike.

It is these core leadership principles that have catapulted DARE into the best-selling category, with over 6,000 copies read worldwide and reputable recommendations from prominent communication consultants and even high ranking military officials. DARE has also been awarded the prestigious Axiom Business Book Award Gold Medal for Ethics.

As Scott Weiss, author and CEO of Speakeasy commemorates a new milestone for DARE, readers should be reminded of three key leadership principles the book challenges leaders to embody and practice to improve workplace productivity.

  • Leaders need to recognize that the ability to feel, and feel deeply, is not a weakness, but is the hallmark of a fully mature individual. Many leaders believe that it is better to be feared than to be viewed as vulnerable and empathetic. Leaders of today and the future should consider how they can effectively merge leadership, communication, and compassion into their daily work and interactions.
  • Emotions are the fuel for behavioral change. It is our emotions that ignite our thoughts. They help to transform the way we act and speak. It is through emotions that we are able to put power into our persuasion, energy into our life’s mission, and commitment into our daily work. Leaders do not have to be emotionless, but instead, the most powerful leaders embody human elements of feeling, compassion, and empathy, not only in their thoughts and actions, but also in their interactions with others.
  • Emotions are not obstacles, but critical elements of success. In fact, it is our own vulnerability that is our most valuable human asset. Learning to acknowledge our vulnerabilities is the easiest way leaders can portray to their audiences a sense of authenticity. Tomorrow’s leaders will need to be aware of their shortcomings and not be afraid to express emotions, even if it means exposing a vulnerability within.

As DARE continues to enrich the communication skills of leaders, teams, and individuals at all levels, its timeless principles should not be forgotten. Speakeasy, incorporates the principles of DARE into best-in-class business communication programs designed to meet the needs of communicators, at various stages along their communication journey. The road to becoming a master communicator and an effective leader requires dedication and support to embrace authenticity, transparency, and honesty in all interactions, inside and outside of the workplace.

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