Communicating In A Pandemic

Communicating In A Pandemic

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The year 2020 is not what anyone would have imagined it to be. The world is experiencing a global pandemic that has completely transformed life as we know it. Despite these challenges, it is important – now more than ever – to be able to communicate authenticallyespecially in a sensitive environmentThere is value in taking the time to read and reread messages before they are sent. When communicating during times of crisis, it is important to speak with priority, purpose, and through an effective process.  


Everyone’s health and well-being is the number one priority. Whether it is a phone call or an email, ask your listener how they are doing and genuinely mean it. Then, be brief. Prioritize the key things you need to discuss and stay focused. 

2. Purpose

Avoid the fluff. When addressing clients or colleagues, make sure your message and content are purposeful. It is essential for your message to be clear. When you are making statements, make sure they are thoughtful, empathetic, and  sensitive to the environment we are in.  

3. Process

The process you use  to plan your communication is critical in itself. The first step is to determine who your audience really is and what’s important to them. Next, determine how you will communicate with them. Will it be a phone call or an email? Lastly, be  sure the message you are sending  is going to build real connection with the people you’re talking to. 

 Poor communication will always be detrimental to your organization and its goals.  And, great communication always helps you achieve them.  This pandemic is constantly evolving and we have to change with it. One thing remains  critical – we have to  reinforce best practices as we navigate that change. Helping your organization communicate effectively and responsibly has never been more important than it is right now.