Communicate To Drive Results SM


Communicate to Drive Results is a three-day program for executive leaders delivered live, virtually.  This program is virtually offered exclusively to executives with high-consequence communication responsibilities – both internal and external – requiring them to influence and inspire teams to action. The program is conducted by Speakeasy’s most senior-level instructors. Each participant receives the individual help they need to develop a style that makes the most of every communication opportunity – one that can help them drive greater results for their organization.

Participants receive direct and detailed feedback from both instructors and peers – and the time needed to explore, experiment with, and then own the specific skills that will make them more effective communicators. Enrollment is limited to six participants from different companies and industries.
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Typical participant titles may be Senior Vice President, Vice President, Senior Director or similar.

Each one of us has the ability to touch and influence others, yet no two of us can do it in the same way. Connecting as a communicator isn’t about trying to become someone else – it’s about reaching inside yourself and bringing out the best of what is uniquely you.

Ron Ricci
Vice President, Market Positioning, Cisco Systems

You gain

    • Capabilities necessary for improving effectiveness and influence
    • Access to a proven methodology that drives more open and authentic communication to improve business results.
    • Reliable feedback from executive leaders in your peer group
    • A development experience that will dramatically improve your communication effectiveness.

Live Virtually

  • Individuals: $5,000

Select the location to find the course dates
  • Jun 14, 2022 Jun 16, 2022
    Atlanta Enroll
  • Jul 26, 2022 Jul 28, 2022
    Atlanta Enroll
  • Aug 16, 2022 Aug 18, 2022
    Atlanta Enroll
  • Sep 20, 2022 Sep 22, 2022
    Atlanta Enroll
  • Oct 18, 2022 Oct 20, 2022
    Atlanta Enroll
  • Nov 08, 2022 Nov 10, 2022
    Atlanta Enroll
  • Dec 06, 2022 Dec 08, 2022
    Atlanta Enroll
  • Jun 27, 2022 Jun 29, 2022
    Chicago Enroll
  • Sep 14, 2022 Sep 16, 2022
    Chicago Enroll
  • Jul 25, 2022 Jul 27, 2022
    New York Enroll
  • Sep 28, 2022 Sep 30, 2022
    New York Enroll
  • Aug 08, 2022 Aug 10, 2022
    San Francisco Enroll
  • Jul 04, 2022 Jul 06, 2022
    Virtual EMEIA Enroll

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