Becoming: Training versus Development


Becoming: Training versus Development

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“The important thing is this: to be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become.”  Charles Du Bos


Growth through Discovery – working to become more of who you are instead of changing who you are –- is one of Speakeasy’s five core values and it lies at the heart of the difference between training… and personal development.


Training, of any sort, is based in gaining new information, techniques and skills that are important to the performance of your roles or responsibilities.  Areas typically addressed are less about personal exploration and more about the assimilation of new knowledge about processes, critical thinking, decision-making skills, and technology.

While some learning speed is individually based, most training is generally delivered with the expectation of uniform absorption and execution across all participants.

It is important to your success… but there is more.

Personal Development is focused on helping you gain new insights into yourself, your strengths, weaknesses, and your opportunities to improve through deep personal exploration of goals, beliefs, concepts, and feelings.

This usually involves stretching beyond your comfort zone to explore new territory, assessing the impact of that stretch, and communication about that experience to others… including its impact on both you and on those around you.  And, because each of us is different, our personal growth journeys start from different points, and occur at different rates.

No matter your individual starting point, real personal growth enables you to bring all your energy to every endeavor – personal or professional – that you might pursue.  It maximizes your training efforts, open your eyes to new possibilities and supercharges your performance because of the authentic confidence, openness, and insight that delivers.

And that authenticity is critical to you moving from just communicating with others to truly connecting with them… to build trust, to inspire, and to lead.

So how do you start – or maintain – that journey?  With individually based, expert-led experiences delivered by guides focused solely on you and your communication power.  Guides that can create a safe environment for you to get in touch with the power that’s already inside you and help you get comfortable – even excited – about bringing that energy to the world every time you speak.

We’ve been doing that at Speakeasy for over 50 years… and we’re ready to continue doing that with you.