“Connecting as a communicator isn't about trying to become someone else — it's about reaching inside yourself and bringing out the best of what is uniquely you.”

Ron Ricci / Vice President / Market Positioning / Cisco Systems

Communication Skills Development – Our philosophy

Speakeasy has been in the industry for over forty years and their main aim is to provide consultation service and help develop personal growth and communication skills of personnel working in a corporate environment.

The institute has been well aware of the fact that to work out any deal in the corporate world there is need for good communication tools and tactics. It is their belief that every individual has the skills to effectively influence the others and what they need is just polishing their skills. And this is what the company does- polishing the communication skills and developing a person’s personality.


“If you are a leader with responsibility and influence, this book is addressed to you. As the title suggests, they will ask you to accept a challenge, a DARE.”

Scott Weiss / Author of DARE

The Bestselling New Book from Scott Weiss

“If business is going to win over today’s cynical stakeholders, it will be by following the path laid out in this lively and thought-provoking book.

Here’s hoping leaders will read it and heed it.”

– Anne Fisher


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Our learning centers have been designed for success

Powerful communication skills coupled up with the ability to effectively interact with others is the main factor contributing to succeed whether one is in any profession. Good communication skill is one of the main reasons why one gets promoted. Weak communication skills are a big obstacle in a person’s personal and professional life. And helping one develop impeccable communication skills is the company’s motto.

For this the company has formulated a number of programs and services designed to deal with each and every facet of communication development. The company has the best working environment which helps one develop their skills to the maximum extent. Each and every aspect of the program and classrooms are designed in a way that helps one to fully exploit their potential, develop their personality, cope up easily with the course structure and practical training is also imparted to the clients.

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Our Coaches

To learn exceptional and impactful communication skills, one needs a great guide who can help you to acquire the necessary skills, knows the course content well and brings out the best in you. The teacher should be an inspiration for the students and a great source of encouragement

The Business and Speak Coaches at Speakeasy provides all the needed support to fully develop their client’s potential abilities. The staffs at Speakeasy are well educated and with their expertise in the communication development field provide the best learning environment. They provide individual attention to each and every client. One can learn a lot from them as they have learned a lot during their professional journey of becoming powerful communicators.

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“Business today knows few boundaries, and managers, regardless of location or culture, recognize the need to truly connect in order to drive the business results they want.”

Scott Weiss / President & CEO, Speakeasy

A Global Commitment to learning and development

Speakeasy has been in the business for over forty years and aims to develop impeccable communication skills and personal growth of an individual. The company has the best and experienced educators that provide the necessary guidance to its clients. The company has 5 branches in three different countries.

It has a global reach and regularly conducts programs in various other countries like Europe and Bangalore, India. Sessions are also conducted in other places like Amsterdam too as the company is now slowly and steadily reaching out to potential clients residing in other parts of the world other than company’s domestic office area. Now people can join their program even if they don’t reside in Atlanta, New York or San Francisco where the company has its branches.


“Leadership is the end-game in all communication. And authenticity is the key. To be able to see another person, to connect, to motivate, and inspire is the base-line for every leader we develop. And it isn’t easy. It takes work to develop that kind of power, but the payoff is huge.”

Lynn Segall / Accenture Management Consulting, Talent and Organization

My kind of town – Chicago

Speakeasy has now planned to conduct regular classes in Chicago. The classes will be conducted in the Historic Inland Steel Building in the heart of Chicago’s central loop. The company is introducing its highly appreciated sessions namely Talk So People Listen and Communicate to drive results in the Chicago centre.

The programs are meant for those professionals working in the Chicago corporate office who want to develop their communication skills. The programs aim to develop the overall personality of an individual alongside good communication skills. They also provide the necessary exposure to build the self confidence of the clients.

Speakeasy Opens Office in Amsterdam

““We launched programs in Amsterdam two years ago to serve business leaders across the world who recognized the value of communicating in multiple global theaters Speakeasy Amsterdam is the product of the overwhelming response we received as we continue our global expansion.” ”

Scott Weiss / CEO of Speakeasy Inc.

Speakeasy Opens Amsterdam office

After years of providing client-site programs worldwide, we’re proud to  announce the opening of a permanent office and learning environment in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The facility is scheduled to begin full-time operations in the first quarter of 2015.

Speakeasy Amsterdam tackles the demand for greater access to programs voiced by clients across the European market. The permanent facility builds will allow our clients with strong European presence access to regularly scheduled programs in our proprietary open-enrollment format – where communication learning moves to personal development and real communication behavioral change.

Powerful Communication Skills

Good communication skills are very critical in every working personnel’s personal and professional life. It is the key factor to succeed at workplace. It is needed in every phase of the organisation. Effective Communication skills are needed both by employers and employees. Communication is an effective way to persuade, motivate and interact. Even leaders need good command over their communication skills as they have to discuss about the company proposals and motivate the employees to work towards organisational goals.

Communication is very essential to leave a positive mark on the other person. It is a skill that needs to be acquired and has the power to make or break a deal. There are many institutes that provide consultancy services. Speakeasy is one of them. The institute specialises in training corporate in business communication skills, presentation planning skills, socialising skills, etc. Communication skills Development is very important to connect and socialise with people.

Speakeasy's course has been serving in the communication development industry for over forty years and the course content is designed in a way to develop an individual’s personality and presentation skills. The programs help you to learn certain skills and exploit your potential to the maximum extent. Our Speech and Business Coaches in Atlanta, San Francisco, Chicago, India, New York and Netherlands helps you in a big way to achieve your perfect Personality.

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A Global Commitment to learning and development

For more than forty years Speakeasy has delivered Open-Enrollment programs from our offices in Atlanta Georgia, and later from offices in San Francisco and New York. And while – since our inception – we’ve provide on-site work for clients all over the world, we’ve recently expanded our Open-Enrollment commitment to additional cities in the US, to Europe and to Asia.

Check out the map to see details about our current regularly scheduled Open-Enrollment locations.

Don’t see your location? Can’t travel to one of our learning environments? We can bring the Speakeasy experience to you. Contact any of our US locations for more information.

Our Programs

What You Say

The programs at Speakeasy mainly focus on teaching the basic application of communication skills and other aspects of communicating at workplace...

The communication skills help you be persuasive and interact effectively persuade with your fellow mates. The teaching methodology involves much more than just effective communication skills, but also written matter and it also guides the clients on how to deliberately persuade others by their words.

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How You Say It

The programs cover in depth each aspect of communication skills whether it is verbal or non verbal way of communicating like voice toning, facial expressions, the right body posture and gestures to support your words...

Good communication skills are just one aspect covered in the course content. One also learns to be a good listener as communication is a two- way process and one also needs to hear what the others are saying. Good communication skills are an important skill every entrepreneur must possess to excel in the corporate world. It helps maintain cordial relations with the clients and also effective communication leaves no scope for doubts and discrepancies. The ability to communicate effectively is what differentiates one person from another. Communication helps one to represent them in front of peers and also provides the ability to share their thought process with others.

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Advanced Speaking Programs & Consulting

Speakeasy also has advanced programs and consulting services that move beyond just communication skills...

. The advanced programs also focus on question and answer sessions; and virtual meeting environment is conducted to have a better grasp of the teachings. Practical training is given to build the self confidence and presentation skills of the clients and the instructors can guide against the flaws one have.

The programs help develop the overall personality of individual rather than just verbal skills. Pupils are taught how to use certain tactics and skills while communicating and how to effectively use every opportunity that knocks your door. There is also presentation planning and speech writing training given to the clients by the consultants. It helps one achieve their desired goals by persuading their fellow workers. Good communication skill helpful to deliver the necessary and right information to the target audience. It helps you to persuade others and make them believe in your words. Communication has the power to influence others in a way you want and a very critical component to excel in personal and professional spheres of life.

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Each one of us has the ability to touch and influence others, yet no two of us can do it in the same way. Connecting as a communicator isn’t about trying to become someone else – it’s about reaching inside yourself and bringing out the best of what is uniquely you.

Ron Ricci / Vice President / Market Positioning / Cisco Systems

Our team had some very special needs when it came to planning our presentations and this process gave us all the tools we needed to address them. The way it keeps us focused, both as individuals and as a group, has really had an impact. And the basic concepts go even further — they really help keep us aligned as a team. We’re much more consistent across all of our communication.

Yvette Robinson / Director of Marketing Communications / Nextel

Frank and honest communication among team members helps create an energy that makes anything possible. When you openly share ideas and feelings you reach a higher level of trust — and working from trust is critical to getting results.

Arthur M. Blank / Co-Founder - The Home Depot / Owner - Atlanta Falcons

I’ve taken other programs, and this is one I believe in strongly. The coaching and the practice were great. I’ve seen a marked improvement in my communication skills — but more importantly I’ve felt a real increase in my confidence. I left knowing what to do and really believing that I could do it.

Lucretia Farley / Associate Broker / RE/Max Greater Atlanta

How you deliver a message is every bit as important as the message content — and a smooth, polished delivery is no substitute for believability! That’s exactly where Speakeasy has helped me be more effective in understanding, and speaking to the needs of my audience. The exercises and colleague critiques are done in a very supportive, non-threatening way that really help you work on your individual needs. The basic learning’s are still effective in my day to day communications — they really help me bring “myself” to any communications setting.

Colin Gour / Vice President of Operations / Volkswagen Canada

To remain competitive in a global economy driven by human, as well as intellectual capital, it’s critical that leaders at all levels develop the ability to connect with and motivate others — and that they commit to developing that ability in those they lead.

Frank Gori / Global Director of Assurance Services / Ernst & Young LLP

Great communication takes more than knowing the result you want for yourself. When you also focus on your listeners – and their needs – you connect in a way that makes things happen. You create an energy that helps everyone move forward together.

Kim Rosenblum / Senior Vice President TV Land Creative Group / Nickelodeon

To communicate in a way that makes things happen, you must shift your focus from your concerns to the concerns of your listeners. By seeing the situation and yourself through their eyes, you’ll find a link that will move everyone together.

Tahira Hassan / Deputy of Operations / Nestle

The program certainly reinforced the Speakeasy methods I learned previously — but this is far more than just additional practice time. The program provides critical insights on how to really reach your audience. In my opinion, this is simply the best training available to take you to the next level.

Fred Jefferson / Director, Customer Car / Verizon Wireless

At this stage in my life it’s important that I interact on a more complete level with adults — in social, as well as interview situations. I have to get beyond just being comfortable and establish credibility. What I got most out of this program was the ability to speak more convincingly — a way to be more assertive and thoughtful with my communication — to be as commanding and as graceful in everyday conversation as the most engaging adults. That’s what it takes to get the edge I need.

May Alston / University of Virginia

Time is a precious commodity at our firm and this planning process is certainly making communication more efficient. But, beyond that, it’s making us more effective — more focused and results oriented in all forms of communication. It’s providing a framework for our professionals to work together and is fostering better teamwork. Effective communication, both internally and externally, is a key to corporate success, and this program is definitely positioning us to excel.

Brent Uken / Ernst & Young LLP

I was amazed at how much progress could be made in such a short period of time. The video taping, the straight feedback — everything combined to help me begin making real improvement immediately. And not just in formal presentations, but in all of my communication.

Ari Raulerson / Vice President, Private Lending / Bank of America

I use what I get from my work with Speakeasy to deal with the communication challenges I face every day. You can’t just go through the motions in these programs. They force you to stretch — to find real ways to get the real results you need.

Bill Jefferson / Manager, Training and Development / University of Excellence / Sprint

The New Book from Scott Weiss / President and CEO of Speakeasy

“If you are a leader with responsibility and influence, this book is addressed to you. As the title suggests, they will ask you to accept a challenge, a DARE.”

- Scott Weiss, Author of DARE

DARE will be available online and in stores April 2013

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