Virtual Meetings that Get Results SM


Virtual Meetings that Get Results is a one-day, style and content focused program for meetings host delivered virtually. The program is delivered in two, 2.75-hour virtual sessions.  In this program, participants will gain

  • Experience with small group exploration, video recording, and playback to help reinforce concepts
  • Practical ways to manage interactions and prioritize task in virtual environments
  • Knowledge on how to best manage your virtual delivery environment, including camera angles, backgrounds, etc.
  • Options for using your body to best convey the message intended
  • Methods for creating the impression you want – as a listener and a speaker – in a virtual environment.

Learning to really connect with someone when you’re in the same room can be tough enough. Making that happen in this virtual world is something else… and is becoming more and more critical to your success. This technology is here to stay and we need to be sure we’re using it to our best advantage.

Delivered virtually

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