Make Your First Impression CountSM


Make Your First Impression Count is a one and a half-day program for high school juniors and seniors faced with upcoming interviews, speaking engagements, and leadership opportunities. This program – developed and delivered specifically for high school students – is designed to give participants an honest assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of their communication style and explore ways to enhance their comfort and effectiveness. Each participant will be videotaped and coached through at least three exercises designed to help them look and feel more in charge of crucial speaking situations, including college or job interviews, community service and student or community leadership.

At this stage in my life it’s important that I interact on a more complete level with adults – in social, as well as interview situations. I have to get beyond just being comfortable and establish credibility. What I got most out of this program was the ability to speak more convincingly – a way to be more assertive and thoughtful with my communication – to be as commanding and as graceful in everyday conversation as the most engaging adults. That’s what it takes to get the edge I need.

May Alston
Freshman & Jefferson Scholar, University of Virginia

You gain

    • A deeper understanding of how they are perceived by others
    • An awareness of the fundamentals required to create a positive impression
    • An introduction to their personal style of delivery
    • Basic tools to feel more relaxed and in-charge when speaking
    • An awareness of the importance of effective communication
    • A framework to support and encourage ongoing communication development

Atlanta only

  • Individuals:

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