Speakeasy’s “Talk So People Listen” coming to Chicago

Speakeasy, a communication development and consulting company with offices in Atlanta, San Francisco, and New York announced today that the company will deliver its highly acclaimed, open-enrollment program Talk So People Listen for the first time in Chicago.

The company has teamed with McDonald’s Corporation to deliver the successful three-day program at McDonald’s Hamburger University, July 22-24. The fee for the Chicago program will be at Speakeasy’s standard rate of $2,500, and limited to 10 participants.

Scott Weiss, Speakeasy’s President and CEO, cited a long-standing commitment by the company to bring its value directly to their clients as a driver for the move. “The current economic situation makes it a logical step for us – finding a way to deliver what we do best in a way that works best for our clients and getting it to them at a time when communication success is more important than it’s ever been.”

“We’ve been delivering our programs all over the world for 35 years,” Weiss added. “However, we’ve always formatted those programs as internal sessions delivered to teams within a single company. This represents a major opportunity for our clients to expose individuals on an open enrollment basis, rather than just full teams, to the kind of focused communication development that is the foundation on which we’ve built our reputation.”

For further information call 404.541.4800 or e-mail info@speakeasyinc.com.