Speakeasy welcomes Erika Dietz as its’ newest San Francisco VP of Business Development

VP of Business Development, SAN FRANCISCO – June 4, 2012

As Speakeasy continues to assist clients with communicating effectively, they recently added Erika Dietz to their efforts. Dietz will join the company as the Vice President of Business Development for Speakeasy San Francisco.

Her experience precedes her, as she was previously worked as the highly recommended National Account Executive from Heller Consulting, a boutique firm helping nonprofit organizations optimize their software interaction. During her 14 months at Heller, her responsibilities included, leading sale efforts into emerging practice areas, selling technology-based consulting, and developing value-add propositions and sales messaging.

Prior to, the Speakeasy Vice President began her own company worked as an Independent Consultant for six years, where she helped clients generate revenue and meet their acute business development needs.

This business development veteran also makes time for inspirational speaking, both of which she has been involved with for twenty years. Erika loves to travel and did so as a travel journalist and inspiration speaker where she was, “A life-changing blend of motivation, inspiration and personal growth.” Along with her love of business strategy and inspirational speaking, she enjoys running marathons and traveling.

We can look forward to Erika as VP of Business Development, working with Speakeasy’s clients, Microsoft, Nestle and The Capital Group.