Speakeasy teams with Sapient to bring program to Washington D.C. area

Speakeasy, a communication development and consulting organization with offices in Atlanta, San Francisco, and New York has teamed with the global services firm Sapient to make its highly acclaimed, open-enrollment program Talk So People Listen available in the Washington D.C area.

The program, to be hosted at Sapient’s Arlington, Virginia offices, July 8-10, is open to executives from any organization wishing to attend. Fees for the three-day program are being held to Speakeasy’s standard rate of $2,500, and attendance will be limited to 10 participants.

Scott Weiss, Speakeasy’s President and CEO, said “We’re thrilled to be expanding these opportunities into the Washington D.C area. We deliver this core program in our offices in Atlanta San Francisco and New York a number of times every week, and have been bringing it directly to our clients’ internal teams all over the world for over thirty five years, but… to make it available in an open-enrollment format here is a tremendous opportunity.”

Responding to the economic realities of the market, Speakeasy announced a similar program in Chicago earlier in the year. They expect to continue expanding the offering in the weeks to come. “This represents a major opportunity for our clients to expose individuals — rather than just full teams — to the kind of focused communication development that is the foundation on which we’ve built our reputation… and to do it without the expense and complications of travel.” Weiss added.

For further information call 404.541.4800 or e-mail info@speakeasyinc.com.