Speakeasy Launches Two New Services, Including Unique Program for High School & College Students

In response to growing client demand, Speakeasy, the leading communications consulting firm helping business leaders communicate for more than thirty years, announced today the creation of two new programs, including a first-of-a-kind program that uniquely provides valuable help and expertise to high school and college-age students.

The first of the company’s new offerings, “Communicate to Drive Results,” will be offered exclusively to senior-level executives. It is designed to help participants gain a greater awareness of what makes an effective communications style and how to develop more results-oriented content, their ability to communicate more effectively in meetings and more. The program’s goal is to help executives and leaders generate greater results both inside and outside their organization. Direct and detailed feedback from both instructors and peers – and the time needed to explore, experiment with, and then own the specific skills that will make them more effective communicators — are fundamental to the program.

While “Communicate to Drive Results” is directed toward corporate clients, “Make Your First Impression Count” was developed for high school and college students who will soon be entering the business world. This rare offering is designed to provide students an honest assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of their communication style and explore ways to enhance their comfort and effectiveness. Students gain a deeper understanding of how they are perceived by others and an awareness of the fundamentals required to create a positive impression. They are provided an introduction to their personal style of delivery, basic tools to feel more relaxed and in-charge when speaking, and much more.

“We are proud of both these new programs,” commented Speakeasy President Scott Weiss. “We’ve had a number of clients suggest a program for their children and students. So we created ‘Make Your First Impression Count’ designed to help students prepare for the demands of college and the business world. We’ve been helping business executives become more successful for years; we feel it’s important to foster the growth of young people so they might do the same.”

Since it’s founding in 1973, one of Speakeasy’s cornerstones has been the commitment, depth of experience, and tenure of the instructional team it uses to drive results using its unique brand of personal and professional development. Speakeasy is based in Atlanta, with expanding operations in San Francisco and now offering programs in New York.