Speakeasy Launches New Virtual Communication Coaching Option for Business Executives

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Leading the forefront in online communication training, business leadership training consultants at Speakeasy expand their proven trainings to the digital world.



Atlanta, GA – July 22, 2016

Speakeasy recently announced the availability of an innovative coaching service, enabling business executives who are unable to make the trip to an in-person session, the option to receive the same high-impact, interactive coaching via video conference. For over 40 years Speakeasy has specialized in providing high-quality face-to-face communication development programs, whether it be in one of their permanent or satellite classrooms, or directly onsite at a client’s location. However, with the advancement of technology and the growing need for reputable business communication programs accessible to a wider range of professionals, Speakeasy answered the call and opened up their virtual communication coaching service to the public.

“With demand for our services growing and spanning all parts of the world, we wanted to explore additional ways that we could provide our services to executives in need.  Speakeasy has been providing virtual communication coaching services for several years now, but generally, on a case by case basis. By expanding our current virtual capabilities we hope to reach those business executives who are aware that powerful communication is important to them and are seeking expert help to take their skills to the next level, but due to geography don’t have access to live coaching with us,” explains Speakeasy’s President, Kip Coombs.

With longstanding offices in Atlanta, San Francisco, New York, and Amsterdam and satellite locations based in Boston, Chicago, Mumbai, Dubai, and Hong Kong, Speakeasy hopes to continue to develop the communication skills of business executives from around the world.

Like the face-to-face communication programs Speakeasy is known for, the virtual coaching sessions will deliver small enrollment, individually-driven content, focusing on self-development to help participants become a more powerful and confident communicator. Grounded in the founding principles of belief in the power of the individual, the importance of human connection, authenticity, growth through discovery, and unquestionable quality, the suite of virtual communication coaching materials will unlock the power of communicating within a new group of business professionals.

If the time for travel is too prohibitive for you to take part in the full in-person experience of a Speakeasy interpersonal communication skills session, contact Speakeasy to learn more about their newly launched virtual communication coaching program. Enrollment officially opens on August 1st for the inaugural cohort. To be added to the email list to receive the latest updates and a list of the available online offerings, click here.

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