Speakeasy Introduces Two Popular Business Communication Programs in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Talk So People ListenSM and Communicate To Drive ResultsSM to be offered to businesses and individuals in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and India

ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Speakeasy, Inc., the leading global communication coaching and professional development company, today announced it will expand its offerings to businesses and individuals in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and India, by offering two of its most popular courses in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Beginning in January 2017, the company’s three-day Talk So People Listen (TSPL) and Communicate to Drive Results (CDR) style and delivery programs will be offered at the JW Marriott Marquis Hotel, Dubai.

TSPL is designed to develop a stronger communication style for any individual contributor in any company. The CDR program was developed for executive leaders who are responsible for driving team performance and have moderate high-consequence communication experience. Both programs ultimately help to train the individual who understands the importance of communication in driving business results, and who is committed to developing a style that can positively impact those results.

“With the increasing proliferation of businesses conducting work on a global scale, the demand for programs that help to ease communication challenges and drive business results has also risen,” said Kip Coombs, President, Speakeasy. “By offering two of our most popular programs in Dubai, we are helping to provide consistent, world-class development across the globe for companies with such footprints across the Eastern European, Middle Eastern and Far Eastern business markets.”

Individuals who complete Speakeasy’s programs will gain comfort with fundamental skills, a personal and effective communication style, deeper awareness of listeners, and greater power to derive results through authentic communication. In addition, executive leaders will obtain the help they need to develop a style that makes the most of every communication opportunity – one that can help them drive greater results for their organization.

“After introducing Speakeasy to Europe by way of our Amsterdam facility, we began to see an increase in demand for our programs, not just in Europe, but also throughout the Middle East and Asia,” noted Sabeena Uttam, Senior Vice President, Global Business Development, Speakeasy. “We tested the waters by offering a one-time program in Dubai in November and the response was overwhelming, with attendees from companies including Schlumberger, DIFC, Visa, Cigna and Invesco. The message was clear: there’s a strong desire from companies across the world to help their people speak the language of business effectively.”

TSPL programs for individual contributors will be offered in Dubai three times in 2017: February 19-21, May 2-4, and November 14-16. CDR programs for executive leaders will be offered twice: May 7-9 and November 19-21. For more information on Speakeasy’s Dubai offerings, or to find out about other global Speakeasy programs, please contact Sabeena Uttam at Sabeena.Uttam@Speakeasyinc.com.