Speakeasy, Inc. Names Inaugural Winners of The Leader’s Edge Awards

Four business leaders receive recognition for a commitment to authenticity in personal communication

ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Speakeasy, Inc., a nearly 40-year old executive communication consultancy recognized for its work with Fortune 500 companies such as The Coca-Cola Company, Accenture, Ernst & Young and Schlumberger, today announced the inaugural winners of The 2012 Leader’s Edge Awards. The honorees include three Inspired Leadership Award winners and one Rubicon Award winner.

“I’ve embraced the importance of ‘listening’ versus ‘telling’ as the most effective tool in leading the self discovery process.”

All four awards were presented to nominees who exemplify a commitment to continually improving the way they connect with those around them, and their willingness to inspire others by sharing that commitment. The Rubicon Award is presented exclusively to a Speakeasy Alumnus.

The winners of the 2012 Leader’s Edge Awards, by category, are:

Inspired Leadership Awards

Mona Sabet, Corporate Vice President, Business Development, Cadence.

When asked to share her ideas on her continuing development as a communicator Sabet stated “… to get people inspired I have to be sure my own, internal inspiration is visible… I’m working to be less concerned with perfection and more focused on actually talking with those I need to influence.”

Bouvier Williams, Vice President, Talent, Learning and Leadership, Viacom Media Networks

In describing his beliefs on continual improvement, Williams quoted Moshe Arens, an Aeronautical Engineer and former Israeli Minister of Defense, saying “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at 20 or 80.” He went on to state that “Opting not to do what was simple and easy, but to try something new for our organization has been the key to changing a mindset – to getting at the true power of communication.”

Lynn Wylde, Owner and Agent, State Farm Insurance Companies

“Really feeling what its like to connect with an audience has inspired and encouraged me to continue developing my skills.” Say’s Wilde, “I’ve embraced the importance of ‘listening’ versus ‘telling’ as the most effective tool in leading the self discovery process.”

“Mona, Bouvier and Lynn all have one thing in common: they take their commitments to this journey seriously, personifying the core philosophy upon which Speakeasy is built,” said Scott Weiss, CEO, Speakeasy. “The Inspired Leadership Awards are designed to recognize those members of the business community who carry that torch, and to demonstrate that continually working to be authentic is among the most rewarding things one can do in business and in life.”

Rubicon Award

Lynne Segall, Global Markets and Accenture Management Consulting, Talent Management, Accenture

Nominated by Sandra Ashe one of Speakeasy’s most senior instructors, Segall stated, “Learning communication is not a ‘once and done’ thing and being a strong communicator requires practice on a constant, sustained basis…. there is ALWAYS room for improvement. Having watched dozens of people struggle with marrying their communication style and content together in training sessions, I am committed to providing repeat learning experiences. There’s no such thing as ‘check the box’ and be done with real communication development.”

“When reviewing the nominations for the Rubicon Award, it was clear that a significant number of our Speakeasy alumni are committed to the journey they began when they entered our classroom. Lynne’s commitment stood out because of her determination to push her journey forward and her desire to motivate others to join the cause,” added Weiss.