Speakeasy Hosts Crisis Communication Panel with The Metro Atlanta Chamber

Atlanta Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Sam Williams, invited Speakeasy to host a panel on “Leadership Communication in Times of Change” for 60 members of the Chamber’s Board Advisors, representing Atlanta corporations from such companies as Ernst & Young, Nortel Networks, and Wellstar Health System. The panel was facilitated by the President and CEO of Speakeasy, and the panelists represented senior executives from three of Atlanta’s well positioned public companies; Coleman Breland, an Executive Vice President from Turner Broadcasting, Al Kabus, President of the Mohawk Group, and Tony Mitchell, Chief Financial Officer for Morrison Healthcare Specialist. The panel discussed many communication issues facing senior level executives during the current economic downturn. Communicating difficult messages to internal teams regarding layoffs and organizational changes, how to communicate bad news to external audiences, and how to insure sales teams our communicating compelling messages to a market that has shut down.

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