Speakeasy Expands To Offer Programs in New York To Meet Growing Demand

To meet client demand on the East Coast, Speakeasy (Speakeasyinc.com), one of the country’s leading executive development and communication consulting organizations, will begin offering its programs in New York City, it was announced today by Speakeasy President and Chief Executive Officer Scott Weiss.

In announcing Speakeasy’s initial New York plans, Weiss commented, “In bringing select Speakeasy programs to New York, we are meeting the many requests we’ve had from clients in the area over the years who would like to have more of their executives develop stronger, more impactful communication. While we remain committed to Atlanta as our base of operation, offering our services in New York, in addition to expanding our San Francisco group, is a logical extension and growth opportunity for our company.”

Speakeasy’s inaugural effort in New York will be its’ popular “Talk so People Listen” program for senior managers. A three-day class, “Talk so People Listen” helps participants develop a more powerful and effective communications style and a deeper awareness of listeners and much more. Participants are given individualized coaching, including voice coaching from a speech pathologist and extensive videotaped performance reviews. To help executives continue to improve after the course, copy of their videotaped presentations, as well as Speakeasy founder Sandy Linver’s audio CD, “Breathe for Results” and her book, “Speak and Get Results” are provided.

Talk So People Listen will be offered in New York August 22-24 and October 31-November 2. Interested executives should call Speakeasy at 404-541-4800.

Since it’s founding in 1973, one of Speakeasy’s cornerstones has been the commitment, depth of experience, and tenure of the instructional team it uses to drive results using its unique brand of personal and professional development. Today’s announcement is part of a new focus on expanding their operations and the business communication of some of the most powerful companies in the country.

Speakeasy has been helping executives drive greater business success through developing more effective and impactful communication abilities for more than 30 years. The company has worked with executives at such companies at Coca-Cola, Visa, Accenture, Cisco, The Gillette Company, United States Postal Service, Turner Broadcasting, Nestle USA, Sprint Corporation, The Home Depot and hundreds of others. Speakeasy is based in Atlanta, with expanding operations in San Francisco and now offering programs in New York.