Speakeasy Celebrates the Third Anniversary Release of DARE – Accepting the Challenge of Trusting Leadership

With over 6,000 copies of DARE read worldwide, the business communication consultants at Speakeasy, Inc. continue to teach the importance of trust in effective communication.

Atlanta, GA – March 29, 2016

First released on April 2, 2013, DARE was written to explore trust and its role in meaningful relationships and effective communication in the workplace and beyond.

For the past three years, book sales have remained consistent on Amazon and other retailers, earning DARE a host of 5 star reviews. The main topics of trust and authenticity discussed in the book continue to be relevant today, more than ever, given the increased media spotlight and scrutiny on political, corporate, and global leaders.

DARE third anniversarySince its release, DARE has gained popularity and positive reviews from top business leaders, corporate executives, academic scholars, and military leaders. Communication professors have incorporated DARE and it’s trust building principles into their course curricula, requiring students to read and discuss the book’s tenants as part of their communication development.

Chuck Garcia, professor and consultant, comments on DARE’s relevance, “I am so taken by the book’s message, DARE will be required reading in my freshmen Principles of Leadership class. I will also assign it to clients as an exercise in self-awareness, the first part of a life-long leadership journey.”

The impact of DARE has been wide reaching beyond mainstream channels with military generals leveraging the book for team building exercises and leadership development programs.

“Regardless of the application, whether in politics, higher education or business, ‘trust is born in cultures of respect, and it lives in the spoken word.’ This is the foundation of DARE!” Explains author and Speakeasy CEO Scott Weiss.

The third year anniversary marks an interesting time and reiterates the timelessness of DARE for business, political, and all public leaders. With the election cycle in full swing, trust and authenticity is in the forefront of media, and on the minds of American voters.

“DARE delves deep into the notion of making your word good, and being as good as your word. Never before have I experienced the importance of that principal, than right now. There can be no deviation from honesty and transparency if trust is to be sustained. It is, in my opinion, the most important quality of effective leadership,” adds Weiss.

Business professionals and communication consultants highly recommend reading DARE as part of any professional development program. Effective communication is at the core of driving business results and reaching operational efficiency. The underlying principles discussed in DARE serves to teach readers how to improve communication skills by focusing on being open, honest and direct in interactions to achieve better business results.

As the leader of one of the nation’s most recognizable corporate communication training companies, Scott Weiss is proud of the impact that DARE has had thus far. Weiss welcomes leaders, at all levels, to continually enhance their capabilities by embarking on a personal journey. To extend the teachings within DARE, Speakeasy’s tailored communication programs for business leaders, executives, and teams are ideal professional development opportunities to apply best-in-class communication principles.

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