Speakeasy Celebrates Fourth Anniversary of DARE – A Message That is More Important Than Ever

With over 7,500 copies of DARE read worldwide, the business communication consultants at Speakeasy, Inc. continue to teach the importance of trust in effective communication.

DARE Fourth Anniversary

Atlanta, GA – April 3, 2017

First released on April 2, 2013, DARE proposes a business strategy critical to anyone in a position of leadership—it suggests that they strive to achieve success by returning transparency to their communication and making a commitment to honesty. Author and CEO, Scott Weiss, speaking from decades of work with leaders, makes this revolutionary proposal asking leaders to DARE to go against the comfort of operating under business as usual. Instead, he urges leaders “to make your word good… and to be as good as your word”.

This topic is no less timely or relevant than when it was first introduced four years ago. Given the increased public scrutiny on political, corporate, and global figures from all arenas the message is, arguably, more important than ever, Readers do not have to reach beyond the second chapter on “the leadership persona” to see the pitfalls and common mistakes so evident in the news these days. As prefaced in the book, today’s leadership illustrates that donning the “leader mask” and reiterating the same trite message does nothing to convey trust, sincerity and authenticity to your audience. In a time when 75% of employees want to experience more authenticity at work, – confirmed by a 2016 study from the Harvard Business Review.“DARE is a crucial guide that is necessary for leadership to achieve true influence.”

For anyone wondering where to start, Weiss advocates, “A quest for self-awareness is the first step in your journey. Seek out all feedback mechanisms available in both your personal and professional life and turn them into open and safe dialogs where you can learn from others”.

On this anniversary, Weiss reiterates his commitment to DARE and notes that his book could be read as a “how to guide” for anyone desiring to improve their connection with constituents.  The sooner one is willing to self-reflect and have the courage to be vulnerable, the quicker you can begin to right the ship, adding that– “it’s rarely too late for a leader to begin this journey. Once trust is established, effective leaders can immediately motivate and inspire others around shared goals, mutually beneficial outcomes, and practically anything else given a proper case is made.”

As the leader of one of the nation’s most recognized corporate communication training companies, Speakeasy Inc. which develops over 5000 global executives annually, Scott Weiss is proud of DARE’s impact thus far and will continue to build the platform as a legacy for tomorrow’s leaders. Weiss invites individuals, at all levels, to continually enhance their capabilities by embarking on a personal journey. To extend the teachings within DARE, Speakeasy’s tailored communication programs are uniquely scaled for anyone; from the new professional through multi-level intact teams, leaders, and executives.

For more information on author Scott Weiss, DARE, or to find out about Speakeasy programs, please contact Zen Gomez at Zen.Gomez@Speakeasyinc.com.