Speakeasy Announces Communication Program Expansion to Chicago

Communication experts, Speakeasy, Inc. will double their current offerings in Chicago – providing international and domestic clients easier access to their proven communication sessions.

Speakeasy continues to expand its reach nationally and internationally to serve a growing global client base. In July 2014, they launched offerings in Chicago, adding the Midwest to their already existing course offerings in Amsterdam, Atlanta, Boston, Bangalore, Hong Kong, New York City, and San Francisco. What started as a trial to gauge the public’s interest, has grown in less than 18 months to a permanent site, with 20+ program offerings scheduled for 2016 and beyond.

“These sessions represent a major opportunity for companies in Chicago and surrounding areas, to expose individuals – rather than just full teams – to the kind of focused communication development that is the foundation of how we have built our reputation over the past 43 years, without the complication of travel to our other locations,” explains Speakeasy CEO, Scott Weiss.  Elledge_130107_3141_SC_WS_3478 (2)

Chicago, often called the business hub of the Midwest, makes an ideal and convenient location for both individuals seeking professional development opportunities and for large corporations looking to train their entire workforce. With the announcement of the increased regularly scheduled communication sessions in the Chicago area, corporate clients including McDonald’s Corporation, Accenture, CareerBuilder, Burlington Northern Santa Fe, The Coca-Cola Company, and Nestlé USA were eager to support and enroll key staff members in the sessions.

Speakeasy’s current Chicago-based communication programs are being offered in Workspring facilities designed to give participants an enriching and state-of-the-art experience.

“We are delighted to have built a mutual working relationship with Speakeasy over the past year,” says Danielle Galmore, Managing Director for Workspring, a brand of Steelcase which delivers offsite meeting venue experiences in Chicago. “From the beginning, it was clear our brands shared a passion for delivering a best-in-class experience for individuals and teams.  Our convenient downtown Chicago location, in the historic Inland Steel Building, is a purpose-built environment to ensure Speakeasy clients can focus and achieve their learning and work goals.”

The new and expanding calendar of Chicago-based Speakeasy programs open for 2016, are highly individualized and designed to help participants raise self-awareness, engage in self-exploration, and drive progress toward establishing an effective communication style that is uniquely their own. Individuals and corporate groups will have year round access, beginning in March, to the Talk So People Listen, Communicate to Drive Results, and The Leader’s Edge sessions taught by highly credentialed communication experts with specialties  in speech pathology, communication, business, journalism, and psychology.

Speakeasy plans to continue expanding the offerings, in Chicago, to provide greater access to individuals and corporations seeking to leverage the power of effective communication.

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Speakeasy – Unlocking the Communication Potential Within Us All
Founded in 1973, Speakeasy provides personal growth, communication development and communication consulting services to some of the most influential business leaders in the world. Driven with a unifying philosophy that communication starts from within the individual and all individuals have the capability to be effective communicators, Speakeasy has enhanced the communication skills of thousands of clients. From young professionals to some of the most recognized names in business, their classes are tailored to empower communicators, at all levels, to look within and realize the communication potential they already possess. Speakeasy’s suite of over 15 proven learning experiences are led by highly credentialed Faculty with decades long track records of success in inspiring real, behavioral change through effective and authentic communication at Speakeasy. With corporate offices in Atlanta, New York, San Francisco, and Amsterdam, Speakeasy works each year with approximately 5000 executives and 350 client companies such as Accenture, EY, Microsoft, Cisco, Visa and Kimberly-Clark.