Leadership Commitment Honored in New York

Speakeasy President and CEO Scott Weiss was honored last evening with the T. Howard Foundation¹s Distinguished Service Award at their 14th annual Diversity Dinner held in New York¹s Gotham Hall. The T. Howard Foundation, a Washington based non-profit group, is dedicated to advancing diversity at all levels in the multimedia and entertainment industry. The award was presented by Lindsay Gardner, T. Howard Chairman and Executive Vice President of Fox Cable Networks.

As the founder of the organization in 1994, Weiss stepped down from his position in 2006 after 13 years of leadership and a focus on ensuring the organization remained true to it¹s mission while growing to provide over three-hundred entertainment industry internships to college students form across the nation.

“I can¹t imagine a world without the richness and depth that diversity provides. In any environment — particularly a business environment — it helps create tremendous opportunities for success… for the business as well as the individual. We owe our young people an environment that understands that.” said Weiss.

Weiss’ Atlanta based company — Speakeasy — is a communication development, coaching, and consulting group with growing offices in San Francisco and New York. They provide services to leadership, corporate, and communication executives around the world and count among their long-time clients companies like Cisco, Microsoft, Accenture, and Ernst & Young. In its thirty-four year existence Speakeasy has also provided services to almost every major broadcast and cable entertainment group in North America.

Weiss sees a strong connections between the philosophies that drive both organizations: “Everything we do at Speakeasy is driven by the belief that each of us holds a unique and individual power within us… and developing that power and the willingness to share it with others through more powerful communication, is the key to both business and personal success. Ensuring that every individual — regardless of gender or ethnic background — has an opportunity to share that power in the entertainment business is what T. Howard has always been about.”

For more information visit: www.t-howard.org or speakeasyinc.wpengine.com