Speakeasy’s Inaugural “Becoming Award” Recipient

Paula's Becoming

In late May, faculty member Paula Hamilton received our Inaugural “Becoming Award.” During her brief 4 year tenure Paula has made a tremendous impact on our Speakeasy family and clients.  Here are a few words from Paula about her becoming:

“We become things every day. We become spouses, parents, aunts, uncles, friends, students and employees. Several years ago I became an instructor at Speakeasy. Receiving the inaugural “Becoming” award was a humble reminder to me that we should never overlook the things we become every day, not just the new roles but what we become in our current roles. Becoming is an active process, not a destination. As we become, we evolve and therefore grow more wise, knowledgeable, understanding, hopeful, gracious. For this to happen we are challenged with taking some risks and being open and vulnerable to others as we don’t become anything alone. The fact the we are becoming every day gives me tremendous courage and strength and I know it’s part of my journey. Take a moment to reflect on your own becoming and the amazing gifts available to you every day if you truly embrace it.”