Firm Helps Graduating Students Sharpen Communication Skills

ATLANTA, Georgia ­June 7, 2006 — In today’s world communication is becoming a lost art. Rarely are interpersonal skills taught in the classroom, so students are often at a disadvantage when they enter the workplace. Speakeasy, an executive communication development firm, saw the opportunity to help high school and college aged students with their communication skills. “As parents we invest lots of time and money in providing the best education for our children. The ability to express ideas and concepts among various audiences and in different settings is a skill that typically is not taught, yet it is a skill that is critical to their success in the world outside academics”, according to President, Scott Weiss.

Helping students to be more aware of their communication style and how they are perceived by others was the genesis of Speakeasy¹s “Make Your First Impressions Count” course. Already over 20 students have participated. Speakeasy has also found a way to give back to the Atlanta community by partnering with Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin’s “Promise Program” that will provide communication development to 10 inner city high school students selected by the Mayors office.

Many young adults struggle in unfamiliar surroundings. Developing communication skills can help greatly in providing the confidence and self esteem to interact in many different situations. High school students can benefit in developing presentation skills as they prepare for college interviews. College students not only become more effective as they develop their presentation skills, but they project a more positive image as they begin the job interview process and assimilation into the career of their choice.

Companies today understand the importance of effective communication with their clients, and within the company itself. Great ideas presented poorly can make or break the future of a project among senior management. Recently 113 corporations were asked what skills were needed by recent graduates to forge a successful career in business. According to the survey, the most important skill was to have good verbal communication.

Mr. Weiss is excited about reaching young adults in High School and College. “The business world is more competitive than ever for young people to differentiate themselves and have an impact on the world around them. Improving interpersonal communication is an effective tool for them to use now and throughout their careers.”

Speakeasy ( has been helping executives drive greater business success through developing more effective and impactful communication abilities for more than 30 years. The company has worked with executives at such companies as The Coca-Cola Company, Accenture, The Home Depot, Microsoft, Turner Broadcasting, UPS and hundreds of others. Speakeasy is based in Atlanta, with expanding operations in San Francisco and now offering programs in New York.